Holiday Lodges

Single and Twin Chassis unit SIPs kits for the Caravan & Lodge industry.

Our kits are design to comply with BS3632 & above.

The Options


SIPS Only Kit

Your lodge is delivered to you in flat pack form, without a chassis. This allows you to integrate a SIPS product into your existing production methods, or to construct independently of a chassis where requirements and planning rules allow.

Bare Shell Kit

Our bare shell kits are a fully assembled SIPS lodge kit, pre mounted on one of our high grade chassis. These can be the ultimate time saver for a busy lodge manufacturer, or the perfect start if you don’t have the lifting equipment etc to efficiently build your own kits.

Weather Ready Kit

This is our highest level of finish at present, we take a bare shell kit, and finish the exterior with a roofing system, cladding, doors and windows. These kits are essentially externally finished, if required they can be sited as is, and finished in situ.


Lodges As You Want Them

At Inova Space we specialise in developing SIPs kits and buildings for all applications.

Our conversations with lodge and caravan manufacturers over the years means that we understand that not everyone wants the same thing, and requirements also change with workloads.

Whether you are an existing manufacturer looking for extra volume, you are just setting up, or you just want lodges for your own requirements, we have a solution.

Tiny House
Tiny House
Only the Best

Holiday Lodge Kits

We have many years of experience in working with the fast paced and demanding leisure industry.

Our standard off the shelf lodge kits are compliant with BS3632, and can rapidly accelerate the production cycle during manufacture. The kits can of course be adapted to your specific needs, and finished with cladding, windows, roof and detailing of your choice to make the end product personal to your brand.

Rendered images courtesy of Home – Nico Leisure Homes Ltd

SIPs Lodge Shell 2
SIPs Lodge Shell

Build Your Units To Your Own Specification

Envelope Construction

Our Pre-Erected SIPs lodges are assembled at our factory and delivered to you as a blank canvas. If you would like units that are externally finished and weather tight, featuring roofing, cladding and doors / windows of your choice, we can offer that to.

Our lodge units feature:

  • 95mm SIPs Floor (optional 145mm)
  • 95mm SIPs External Walls
  • 145mm SIPS Roof
SIP ThicknessU Value of KitU Value Required By BS3632
Floor95mm0.28 W/m2K0.35 W/m2K
Floor (option)145mm0.18 W/m2K0.35 W/m2K
Wall95mm0.28 W/m2K0.35 W/m2K
Roof145mm0.18 W/m2K0.20 W/m2K

Without the addition of any external cladding, roofing, internal wall boards or floor covering, our system already exceeds the requirements of BS3632.


    Our chassis are manufactured to our requirement by our supply partners, they meet all current requirements.

    Our chassis are:

    • Fully structurally engineered
    • Manufactured by fully coded welders
    • Corrosion protected
    • Single, Twin or Triple Axle

    Available Sizes & Layouts

    We aim to cover all of the most popular configurations with our standard designs. If you don’t see what you want, contact us.

    Single Chassis1 Bedroom2 Bedroom3 bedroom
    32' x 12'xx
    36' x 12'xx
    38' x 12'xxx
    40' x 12' xx
    42' x 12' xx
    36' x 13'xx
    38' x 13'xxx
    42' x 13'xx
    44' x 13'xx
    38' x 14'xxx
    40' x 14'xx
    42' x 14'xx
    46' x 14'xx
    50' x 14'xx
    Twin Chassis1 Bedroom2 Bedroom3 bedroom
    32' x 20'xx
    36' x 20'xxx
    38' x 20'xxx
    40' x 20' xx
    42' x 20' xx
    38' x 22'xxx
    40' x 22'xx
    42' x 22'xx
    45' x 22'xx
    50' x 22'xx

    All single chassis units are available with Apex or Mono Pitch Roofs. Twin units can be supplied with Apex, Mono pitch or Split Apex Roofs.

    Pre-Inserted Screw Piles
    Pre-Inserted Screw Piles
    Pre-Inserted Screw Piles

    Precision Engineered

    Our lodge kits are precision manufactured on the very best CNC machinery available, to ensure that fit and finish is millimetre perfect.

    This also ensures that the development cycle for new products is reduced to a minimum, as the product arrives with you having had extensive structural calculations carried out, all aperture sizes are to such tight tolerances, that you can be sure windows and doors will be a perfect fit. Our kits also mean that you are offering your clients incomparable levels of insulation and airtightness.

    Speed of Production

    The Inova Space SIPs shell systems massively increase your throughput and productivity. Giving you the ability to redeploy the manpower and space previously given over the framing walls etc, A team of three can typically erect a a single unit, or half of a twin unit in a day. How many other systems could you deploy that would increase your productivity that much, whilst reducing manpower and floor space requirements.