Styles to suit all tastes

Artisan Designed – craftsman built

Our range of bungalow designs cover a wide spectrum of British and international styles, including country cottage, traditional and contemporary.

Bungalow design has come a long way since the boxy original homes first seen in the 1930s, both in city areas and in coastal resorts. These days, a single storey home can be just as light, airy and spacious as those with more than one floor. We work hard to make sure that life on one level does not mean small rooms, narrow corridors and a lack of storage space. We constantly work on updating our designs so that they pack as much into a smaller footprint as they can.

Designed and Manufactured In The UK

House Plans Direct

When we decided to offer a range of standard house kits, we turned to the industry experts to build our partnership.

Houseplans direct offer a range of house designs and can also assist you with planning drawings, bespoke designs, building control documentation and CGI visualisations. All of the standard house designs available from Inova-Space are designed by Houseplans Direct.


Inova-Space are part of SIPs UK Limited. Based in Northamptonshire, England, SIPs UK Limited have been at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of SIPs panels for decades.

Our state of the art facility designs, engineers and manufactures homes and other SIPs buildings that are constructed throughout Europe.