Chalet Bungalows

More space for your family

Artisan Designed – craftsman built

We offer an extensive range of chalet bungalow designs, covering a wide array of shapes and sizes.

We include any house designs of one and a half or one and three quarter storeys in this collection.

All of our chalet bungalow designs make use of roof space in either some or all of the property, even if they feature a full two-storey wing at the front of the house. With SIPs technology, in many cases negating the need for roof joists, what was previously wasted attic or loft space can now be utilised for additional bedrooms. The advantage of a one-and-a-half storey home over a two-storey home is that the roof’s ridge height is considerably lower, which may be useful when seeking planning permission in certain areas.

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The Middleton

The Callow

The Wellington

The Garway

The Baysham

The Brampton

The Thornbury

The Grafton

The Portway

The Dorstone

The Berrington

The Uplands

Designed and Manufactured In The UK

House Plans Direct

When we decided to offer a range of standard house kits, we turned to the industry experts to build our partnership.

Houseplans direct offer a range of house designs and can also assist you with planning drawings, bespoke designs, building control documentation and CGI visualisations. All of the standard house designs available from Inova-Space are designed by Houseplans Direct.


Inova-Space are part of SIPs UK Limited. Based in Northamptonshire, England, SIPs UK Limited have been at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of SIPs panels for decades.

Our state of the art facility designs, engineers and manufactures homes and other SIPs buildings that are constructed throughout Europe.