Screw Piles

Rapid Foundation solution
Pile Installation

Foundations Made Easy

Screw piles have become more and more popular in recent times, as the fast and easy way to prepare quality foundations for your garden room.

We can now offer you the installation of the piles as part of your INOVA SPACE garden room package.

Simply add screw piles for the appropriate sized building to your basket, and we will arrange the installation of the piles before your garden room is delivered.

The Benefits Of Using Screw Piles

  • No Digging Required
  • No Spoil Removal Required from site
  • Normally completed in one day
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Can be removed easily


Fully Inserted Pile Array

How It Works

Screw piles, as the name suggests, are long screws. They are driven into the ground at pre defined centres on the site of your garden building. Each pile can support a given load, depending on length, diameter and soil conditions, which has already been calculated for you. This means that when our team of expert fitters arrive, they already have everything they need to start work.

All you need to do, is mark out clearly the position of your building.


Pre-Inserted Screw Piles