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The ultimate modern method of construction
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SIP Panels

Structural insulated panels are a highly versatile construction material with a wide range of proven uses and benefits that rival more traditional building methods, and at INOVA SPACE, a division of SIPs UK Limited, our core business is the manufacture of these panels.

The heart of our business is the design, supply and manufacture of structural insulated kits for garden rooms, roof conversions, and new build homes for example, which start by using one of the seven different sizes of panel in our range, many of which are purpose-designed and ready for site assembly.

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Quality Construction

Our panels are made from the best components on the market. The outer skins are robust, moisture resistant OSB3 from FSC certified sources. 

Our core is the highest grade polyurethane foam on the market, supplied to us by the market leaders BASF. Which we inject under high pressure to ensure the absolute structural integrity of every panel we manufacture.



In addition to all of the independant testing and certification that our SIPs panels hold, we are incredibly proud to have been awarded the BM TRADA Q-Mark, demonstrating that our product and manufacturing systems have been audited and demonstrated the very highest levels of excellence.

Fully Inserted Pile Array
Fully Inserted Pile Array
Fully Inserted Pile Array

The Bigger Picture

In recent years, SIPs panels have increasingly grown in popularity in the garden room and leisure sectors, one reason for which is the ease of construction, which allows a first time builder to build a high quality structure in very little time.

Indeed, we have clients that have never built before, that have created spectacular homes, with a little input from us. But….   What can be acheived when the professionals get invloved with SIPs? This video shows a  27,000 sq. ft. business premises, manufactured, supplied and erected by our group company – SIPs UK Limited

Exceptional Thermal Properties

As standard, our garden rooms utilise 95mm panels for the floor and walls, with 145mm roofs. As with all aspects of INOVA SPACE garden rooms, these can be altered to your requirement.  

Thickness in mmWeight Per m2U ValueRc Value
9513kg/m20.28 W/m2K3.66 m2K / W
12014kg/m20.22 W/m2K4.79 m2K / W
14515kg/m20.18 W/m2K5.93 m2K / W
17016kg/m20.15 W/m2K7.07 m2K / W
19517kg/m20.13 W/m2K8.20 m2K / W
22018kg/m20.12 W/m2K9.34 m2K / W
24519kg/m20.10 W/m2K10.48 m2K / W
Pre-Inserted Screw Piles

Can I Build It Myself ?

One of the questions we are most commonly asked is “Can I build a SIPs building myself ?”

In short, if you have a reasonable level of DIY competency, there is no reason why you shouldn’t build your own SIPs kit building. Our system provides panels that are CNC cut to be millimetre perfect, each labelled with it’s identifying number, which corresponds with the unique step by step build instruction that we provide.

If you can build a flat pack wardrobe, you can build one of our kits.

The images here are courtesy of a Dutch client of ours, who with the help of some friends built his own house. None of these guys had ever worked with SIPs or kit buildings before.

You can see his full blog here: Bouwcamera – Zelf een huis bouwen

Is it Sturdy?

In a word – yes. Whilst our SIPs are absolutely perfect for garden rooms, offering millimetre perfect kits, we also supply builders around Europe with full house kits for all sorts of applications. These are images of 40 houses we supplied to a Dutch client for a golf course development. 


Pre-Inserted Screw Piles

SIPs panels are one of the most revolutionary methods of construction to to be developed in the last century. They are the premier Modern Method of Construction (MMC) and are suitable for a huge range of building projects, being environmentally friendly, thermally efficient, cost effective and very quick to construct.

If you have a project larger than and garden room, and would like to investigate SIPs as a solution, please visit our parent website SIPs UK Limited.

Bergvliet Golf Village 2
Bergvliet Golf Village