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Free Electricity Is Now A Reality

There are lots of reasons to go solar, not least a passion for the environment, but also practicality. It is not always possible, or financially viable to install a power feed to your new garden room. INOVA SPACE are proud to be the only garden room supplier in the UK to officially partner with SUNSYNK, one of the worlds leading providers of Solar Solutions.

INOVA SPACE are official resellers of SUNSYNK products.

Projects that include building a bar or shed in your garden may require high costs with electrical infrastructure, such as underground waterproof cabling coming from your house, protection devices, and many other components.

Rather than spend a large amount of money to connect houses to the grid and pay high-cost electricity, Sunsynk offers  solutions that can make you save money while providing reliable power.

The Power Bank Kits are perfect for a garden bar, summer house or any location within your garden that needs electrical power. They come with solar panels that will supply power to the inverter and batteries in the Power Bank before delivering power to the loads.

This plug-and-play solution is compatible with 240V AC and all wiring is exactly the same as your electrical sockets.
It can be the best solution for powering up fridges, lights, fans, TV, sound systems, and Wi-Fi routers of your home bar.

PB 300 – 1000Wh Battery Storage

The PB 300 is a complete off-grid solution that contains all the constituent parts of a solar power system within its weatherproof  casing. The design is so simple that the user could quickly set up a simple solar power system to provide AC for devices with
power up to 300W. It also has a 24V output that can power DC equipment.

In the casing, there is a charge controller, a storage bank of lithium-ion batteries, a DCto- AC inverter, and a logic program that manages the whole system. All that is visible on the outside is the cable that takes the DC power from the solar panels and AC
power outlet.

It can run TVs, Wi-Fi routers, lights, fans, and any other utility within its operating limits.

The unit can power a mixed load with power up to 300W and battery storage of about 1000Wh. In addition to that, it is equipped with temperature control and overload protection, while a PCM card protects each battery card.

The PB 300 can operate at any time of the day and be set to ‘automatic’ mode, in which it operates only at night or when power is required. It can either operate 24hrs or be set in the UPS mode, where it operates only at night or where power cuts out.
PB 300 has four terminals (left to right):

  • 2 x Solar In
  • 1 x 24V DC Out
  • 1 x AC Out.

Also visible on the bottom, there is an air-intake and an outlet fan-grill.
Components of the kit:

  • Cables and connectors;
  • 300W inverter 230V output;
  • Lithium battery digital charge controller;
  • Digital voltage meter;
  • User resettable overload fuse;
  • Built-in 300W MPPT charge controller;
  • Solar Isolator Switch;
  • Battery Isolator Switch.